R&D contract between IMDEA Materials and Hexcel

IMDEA Materials Institute has just begun a research project financed by Hexcel. Hexcel is one of the main manufacturers of advanced composite materials for aerospace, defense, wind and industrial sectors. AROOA project will be developed in collaboration with Hexcel R&T centre in the United Kingdom. This project adds to two big recent industrial contracts signed between IMDEA Materials and international companies to carry out research in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

The three-year-long AROOA project aims to study and optimize a new family of prepregs designed for out-of-autoclave processing of composite materials. This new technology allows savings in the manufacturing of components and structures for aircrafts. AROOA project will be carried out by the Structural Composites and Nanomechanics groups of IMDEA Materials Institute, integrating their know-how in advanced characterization and modeling.

More details on AROOA project