Seminar of Dr. Marta Serrano (CIEMAT, Head of the Division of Materials of Energy Interest), January 23th at 12:00 pm

Abstract: The next evolution for commercial nuclear reactors include the design of fast nuclear reactors as a sustainable nuclear energy production system. The operating conditions for this Gen IV reactors are much more aggressive than the ones for operating light water reactors, in terms of neutron dose, temperature and coolants, that rise the need to explore new structural materials able to sustain this conditions. In this talk, a review of the potential degradation mechanisms and related design rules for the candidate materials for fuel cladding and structures for Gen IV reactors are reviewed.

Short bio: Marta Serrano García, PhD in Engineering (UPM, 2007), female. Head of the Division of Materials of Energy Interest at the Department of Technology. She is being working at CIEMAT since 1995. Her activities are focused on the study of effect of irradiation on mechanical properties as well as in developing and characterizing candidate materials for innovative reactors (GenIV and fusion). She is the workpackage leader in different EU funded projects such as SOTERIA, LONGLIFE, GETMAT, MatISSE and IAEA CRP on ODS and SSTT projects. She is member of the expert group of the NEA and sub-project coordinator in the EERA Joint Program of Nuclear Materials.