Seminar of Dr. Moumita Rana from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, entitled “How Do Charge Carrier Transport and Microstructure Influence Solid-State Battery Performance: Solving the Jigsaw”. July 22nd, at noon in the Seminar Room.


Solid state lithium ion batteries are promising as the next-generation energy storage
system due to their high energy density, thermal stability, and volumetric
miniaturization. Even though, the ionic conductivity of solid state electrolytes is often
blamed to be the bottle neck of the limited performance of the solid state batteries, in
reality, it is dependent on the effective charge carrier transport in the electrode
composite. In particular, the effective ionic and electronic conductivity of the solid state
electrodes strongly relies on the microstructure of the electrode composites.
In this talk, I am going discuss two instances on how altering the microstructure of the
electrode composite affects the solid state battery performance: (i) the active material:
for example silicon particle size. The particle size of silicon is found to significantly
influence the effective transport properties, which in turn modulate the rate
performance as well as the long-term stability. This study provides a comprehensive
understanding on the role of charge carrier transport in achieving high-performance
silicon based anode for solid-state batteries. (ii) The solid electrolyte (SE), namely
Argyrodite: by varying the particle size of the solid electrolyte, the porosity of the
composite electrode and the relative distribution of the electroactive material in the
composite were altered. This significantly influenced the overall effective ionic and
electronic conductivity of the electrode composite, which effect the solid state battery


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