Seminar of Prof. Bianchi Mendez from the Materials Physics Department of “Universidad Complutense Madrid”, entitled “Nano-heterostructures based on wide bandgap semiconducting oxides: Synthesis and optical properties ” – 26th of November, at 11:00 am in the Auditorium.


Wide band gap (WBG) oxides are currently attracting a lot of attention due to both their versatility in achieving a nanostructured architecture as well as from their capability of interacting with the ultraviolet radiation. In this talk, I will present our latest results concerning the synthesis, characterization and some potential applications of nanostructures mainly based on two WBG oxides: Ga2O3 and Zn2GeO4, with the focus on the optical properties. Their capability of tunable luminescence and optical confinement will be presented through some recent examples [1,2].
[1] Nano Letters, 17, 515-522 (2017)
[2] Small 2021, 2105355 (