Unveiling Breakthroughs: DELIGHTED Project’s Latest Findings Presented at THERMEC 2023 Conference

The dissemination activities of the outcomes of the DELIGHTED project are ongoing. Researchers from consortium members the Max-Planck Institute for Iron Research, IMDEA Materials Institute and the University of Ghent presented the latest DELIGHTED results at the THERMEC 2023 Conference in Vienna, Austria, held from July 2 to July 7, 2023.

The THERMEC conference serves as a platform that connects professionals, including engineers, technologists, and researchers, from industry, academia, and government research labs across Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, PR China, India, Brazil, and Southeast Asia.

It allows them to present their research findings in the broad field of science and technology related to the processing, fabrication, and manufacturing of advanced materials. The conference covers all aspects of processing, fabrication, structure/property evaluation, and applications of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. A significant number of steel experts participated in the THERMEC 2023 Conference.

Andrea Gómez Fernández (IMDEA Materials) delivered a presentation on the fatigue behaviour of a Fe-30Mn-9Al-1C steel developed in the DELIGHTED project. Mohamed Elkot (MPIE) discussed the approach to address hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity and poor low-temperature toughness of austenitic high manganese lightweight steels. Dr. Alexandros Banis (University of Ghent) presented research on the effect of k-carbide precipitation on the microstructure and properties of a fully austenitic steel.