We’re still in the Iron Age – Prof. José Manuel Torralba speaks with ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

The Director of IMDEA Materials, Prof. José Manuel Torralba has talked to A Hombros de Gigantes about the fact that, despite all the advances in new materials, we are still immersed in the age of iron, or rather steel, the most used material.

You can listen to the complete interview here (from minute 36): https://www.rtve.es/play/audios/a-hombros-de-gigantes/luna tendraesperar/7054612/#:~:text=A%20hombros%20de%20gigantes%20La%20Luna%20tendr%C3%A1%20que%20esperar,El%20programa%20Artemisa&text=Habr%C3%A1%20que%20esperar%20un%20a%C3%B1o,por%20nuestro%20sat%C3%A9lite%20no%20decae.