IMDEA Materials Institute celebrates European Researchers’ Night Madrid 2016

The European Researchers’ Night Madrid 2016 will take place next Friday 30th of September 2016. The events showcase what researchers really do for society, in interactive and engaging ways, and promote research careers to young people and their parents.

IMDEA Materials participates in the activity “Sporty Science”, together with the rest of IMDEA Institutes. Emulating what goes on during the Olympic Games at the end of a competition or during the medal ceremonies, researchers from the seven IMDEA Institutes (Water, Food, Energy, Materials, Nanoscience, Networks and Software) will be interviewed, first individually at the foot of the field and then together at a press conference, as winners of gold medals in their respective competitions. They will be asked about their favourite sport and how it is related to their research work; they will share things scientists and athletes have in common; they will reveal how much or how little truth there is behind the myth of researchers not being fond of sports… and much more! After the press conference, the audience will be invited to ask questions to researchers freely. Not only will you enjoy science and sports; there will be live music as well! Why? It has been scientifically proven that practising sports while listening to music is much better!

Check the whole list of activities planned for the European Researchers’ Night Madrid 2016.