IMDEA Materials welcomes the Mayor and the Council of Getafe: building bridges for the R&D of future materials

IMDEA Materials has received a visit from the Mayor of Getafe, Mrs. Sara Hernandez Barroso, and a delegation from the Getafe City Council.

As part of the visit, the institute also welcomed Mr. Roberto Fernández Melcón, Councilor for Employment, Training, and Maintenance, Mrs. Elisabeth Melo, Councilor for Commerce, Economic Development, and Equality, and Mrs. Cruz Gútiez, Manager of the Local Employment and Training Agency among other members of the local government.

Mr. Juan Manuel Hernández, manager of Getafe Iniciativas, was also present during the nearly three-hour visit, during which the delegation met with the Management Committee of IMDEA Materials.

The institute greatly appreciated the opportunity to have an open and frank discussion with the representatives, and to discuss both some of the current challenges facing IMDEA Materials and future opportunities for additional collaborations.

In particular, IMDEA Materials attaches great importance to building bridges with the local industry and companies in the materials sector that can leverage the Institute’s deep knowledge and involvement in the characterization and development of advanced materials and nanomaterials.

During her tour of the facilities, the Mayor had the opportunity to interact with several researchers from the institute and received a brief introduction to some of the cutting-edge research currently being conducted.

Ms. Hernández also had the opportunity to meet with the executives of the IMDEA Materials spin-off company, Floatech, including its co-founder and CTO, Dr. Juan José Vilatela, and CEO Fernando Celaya Prieto.

They guided the Mayor through the company’s patented process for manufacturing silicon anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.