IMDEA Materials Institute opens hosting offers for 2024 MSCA PF call

IMDEA Materials Institute is seeking postdoctoral researchers for call 2024 of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF) programme (deadline 11/09/2024).

Our Institute has a long track record of hosting MSCA fellows (around 30 fellows hosted in total, with 8 more set to join this year), and has obtained outstanding success rates in recent calls of MSCA PF (around 47% success rate, nearly three times the average for the engineering panel in which we submit most proposals).

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The following hosting offers are currently available in the 2024 call. Click on each one for more details and instructions on submitting your expression of interest.

  1. Evolution of complex microstructures in advanced materials, such as metals and alloys (Dr. Damien Tourret)
  2. Materials or device development using advanced fire-safe theory and nanotechnology (Dr. De-Yi Wang)
  3. Manufacturing and advanced characterization of multimaterial scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration (Dr. Mónica Echeverry)
  4. Development of high-performance batteries beyond Li-ion (Dr. Afshin Pendashteh)
  5. Design and characterization of novel materials for use in medical applications (Dr. Jennifer Patterson)

We look forward to receiving your application!