Materials science in focus in IMDEA Materials’ 13th annual imaging contest

IMDEA Materials Institute recently celebrated its 13th annual imaging contest featuring images related to materials characterisation and processing, simulation and the institute’s everyday activities.

The most competitive category was “Materials Characterisation“, which this year was won by post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Monsur Islam for his image Carbon City. The winning image was of microarchitectured 3D pyrolytic carbon pillars fabricated using micro-stereolithographic resin 3D printing followed by carbonization at 900ºC in a nitrogen environment.

Dr. Monsur Islam’s winning image in the “Materials Characterisation” category: Carbon City.

For the second year running, the “Simulation” category was won by Dr. Carlos Ruestes and his image MEA Spall.

The image is a molecular dynamics simulation of spallation on a NiCoCr medium entropy alloy. Void growth and amorphization is found at the intersection of planar defects.

Dr. Carlos Ruestes’ winning image in the “Simulation” category MEA Spall.

The “Open Subject” category was won by Jorge Redondo and his image Ride the Lightning which shows Argon plasma created by 700 V high voltage in a vacuum.

Jorge Redondo’s winning image in the “Open Subject” category, Ride the Lightning.

Finally, the “Public Choice” award saw a tie between two images, Ready to Help by Miguel Hernández and Burcu Ozdemir and Muscle cells into the Spiderverse by Dr. Jesús Ordoño.

Ready to help shows the robotic arms for the Accelerated Materials Discovery Lab, eager to give a hand for a more efficient discovery of new polymer nanocomposite with the help of AI.

Miguel Hernández and Burcu Ozdemir’s “Public Choice” award-winning image, Ready to help.

Meanwhile, Muscle cells into the Spider-verse is an SEM image in false color of smooth muscle cells (dark purple) on nitinol (yellow and light purple) fabricated by LPBF.

The image was taken with the assistance of fellow researcher, Blanca Limones.

Dr. Jesús Ordoño’s “Public Choice” award-winning image, Muscle cells into the Spider-verse.

IMDEA Materials thanks all those researchers who took part in this year’s edition of the Imaging Contest.