New incorporation – Prof. Arnaud Weck

Position: Visiting Researcher

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering 

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Short Bio

Prof. Weck obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from INSA-Lyon in France, his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from McMaster University and he held an NSERC-Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia. In 2009, he joined the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Ottawa. Prof. Weck also currently holds a cross appointment with the Physics department at the University of Ottawa and an adjunct professor position with the Materials Science and Engineering department at McMaster University.
The main research carried out his group focuses on the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of materials with particular emphasis on the mechanisms leading to material fracture. The strength and fracture response of materials is investigated using ultrafast lasers to induce artificial defects in materials. The growth of these defects is then studied in-situ under optical and electron microscopes or using high resolution x-ray tomography. Advanced finite element simulations combined with crystal plasticity and nonlocal damage models are used to predict the deformation and fracture of complex materials.

Another major research area is the study of ultrafast laser-matter interactions and laser micromachining in both metals and dielectrics where nano- & micro-scale features are controlled to tailor functional properties including colors, biocompatibility, wettability, optics.