Patent awarded to the IMDEA Materials Institute

The granted patent, with publication number ES2342962, protects an invention which consists in a new process for the controlled fabrication of the stable beta phase under ambient conditions in the pure metals of group IV of the periodic table (Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium). The process, which takes place at room temperature, consists of, first, applying pressure on the sample and then, maintaining this pressure, exerting shear on it. The pressures and temperatures required are much lower than those needed to obtain the beta phase of the transition metals of group IV using other available techniques, such as the D.A.C. cell or regular heat treatments.

The patent holders are the Spanish National Scientific Council (CSIC), the IMDEA Materials Institute and the Innovation Scientific Technology Center “Iskra” (Russia).

This fabrication method opens a new route for the development of novel metallic materials with singular properties which are nowadays unachievable.