(MAD2D) Two-dimensional (2D) disruptive materials for the new technological transformation

Project details

Funding: Plan complementario en el área de materiales avanzados en el marco del componente 17, inversión del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia financiado por la UE
Project coordinator: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Project period: 01/01/2021 – 31/03/2025

IMDEA Materials' researchers


MAD2D proposes the study of nanomaterials with advanced functionalities, including, among others, graphene and other 2D materials, smart materials and nanostructured materials that may have direct applications in strategic sectors such as energy, the environment, electronics, ICTs or health. This study is framed within the Materials Science and includes the following aspects:

  • design, preparation and processing of materials and devices;
  • study of their physical and/or chemical properties through
    experimental techniques and theoretical modelling;
  • application development.

These actions are divided into 3 lines of action:

  1. Graphene and other 2D Materials;
  2. Materials for Energy Environment;
  3. Smart materials with advanced functionalities.


MAD2D is a consortium of 5 partners. The project coordinator is the Complutense University of Madrid, and partners are: IMDEA Materials, IMDEA Nanoscience, Technical University of Madrid and Autonomous University of Madrid.

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