Quantum Dots, Fluorescent Proteins Vie for Supremacy

Since the mid-50s the full-color display technology began its rise to success. The origins of this technology was the old-fashioned cathode ray tubes, which were displaced from the top about a decade ago by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) using a back-lighting system based on white inorganic light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Nowadays, two approaches are the front runners of this display field, namely i) the development of micropatterned films with color down-converters that partially transform the high-energy emission of the back-lighting system into the desired color, and ii) the fabrication of displays based on the so-called electroluminescence concept. In this article, Dr. Costa highlighted the new trends for color down-converters used for display applications. Here, cadmium-based QDs and fluorescent proteins are the leading examples of the future advances.

Rubén D. Costa, IMDEA Materials Institute

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