REDISH project: results highlighted by the European Commission and used to evaluate how european research contributes to ACARE’s Flightpath 2050 roadmap

The results of the REDISH project have been highlighted by the European Commission in the ‘Results in Brief’ section at the CORDIS website.

The project consortium, composed by IMDEA Materials and FIDAMC, applied a coupled experimental-numerical development approach to a number of possible configurations and developed high-fidelity simulation tools for carrying out virtual testing on innovative shielding solutions for aircrafts with innovative engine designs.

The goal was to reduce significantly the need for costly physical testing campaigns and to accelerate the shielding development process.

The full article can be read in English and Spanish.

Besides, the project was also selected by the OPTICS2, a Coordination and Support Action of the European Commission that works in close collaboration with ACARE on the topic of aviation safety and security, in order to evaluate the extent to which the European Research Community is contributing to the achievement of Flightpath 2050 safety and security goals.

Towards the end of 2019, the OPTICS2 project will publish an assesment with some preliminary conclusions on the status of Aviation Safety and Security R&I.