Ten projects “made in Madrid” at the forefront of international research

Madrid is the Spanish region that invests the most in research and development (1.71% of region gross domestic product).  Behind these numbers there are thousands of hours devoted to understand the world around us and to find solutions to societal challenges. Since 2006 the IMDEA Institutes have been working in seven strategic areas: water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software. Despite their relatively short history, some of their projects have already been placed at the forefront of international research:

1 Metal 3D printing

2 Batteries made of Silicon

3 Biological LEDs

4 The net, updated to the second

5 Secure quantum communication

6 Emergency alert based on 5G

7 COVID-19 macro-survey

8 Nanoparticles to fight cancer

9 Neural reconnection directly at the spinal cord level

10 Fuel made of solar energy

You can find more details in this article