Success in the final FP7 calls

IMDEA Materials Institute is achieving great success in the last calls of the 7th Framework Programme. To date, our researchers have secured 6 R&D projects belonging to different lines of this programme: MICROMECH project (Clean Sky I JTI (Joint Technology Initiative)) MODENA, ICMEG and

MultiComp network

Our Institute participates in COST action MultiComp, which is designed to bring together theorists, experimentalists and industrialists in the field of nano-carbon materials technology. See the whole description of the MultiComp network.

New incorporation – Dr. Jun-Hao Zhang

Position: Research Associate PhD.: University of Science and Technology of China, China, USA Research: Environmentally friendly fire retardant nanocomposites Contact: junhao.zhang(AT)

New incorporation – Daniel del Pozo

Position: Research Assistant BEng: Technical University of Madrid, Spain Research: Modeling of ice impact on jet turbines Contact: daniel.pozo(AT)

New incorporation – Dr. Bin Gan

Position: Research Associate PhD: Illinois Institute of Technology, EEUU Research: Micromechanics of superalloys Contact: bin.gan(AT)

Madrid, world hub of light metals

In order to significantly reduce environmental burdens, lightweight metals and alloys play an increasingly important role because of their high specific strength and stiffness, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. Among them, magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), and titanium (Ti) alloys are widely

Dr. Daniel Cíntora-Juárez

Research Associate: Electrochemical Energy Storage, Nanomaterials. Contact:

New incorporation – Rodrigo Santos

Position: Predoctoral Researcher Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Research "Virtual Design, Virtual Processing and Virtual Testing of Metallic Materials"

TEM microscopy available

A FEG S/TEM microscope is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (Talos F200X, FEI) combines outstanding high-resolution S/TEM and TEM imaging with an energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) integrated system fully compatible with high-resolution 3D tomography.  It is also

New incorporation – Raquel Sanguine

Position:  Research Assistant MSc Universidad Pontificia Católica de Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Research: Solidification processing and properties of Zn-Al hypoeutectic alloys

New incorporation – Dr. Jian Xu

Position: Research Associate PhD.: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium Research: Multiscale modeling of composites Contact: jian.xu(AT)

New incorporation – Juan Carlos Fernández

Position: Research Assistant MSc: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain Research: Electric curing of CNT/epoxy resins Contact: juancarlos.fernandez(AT)

Highest grade for Silvia Hernandez´s PhD thesis

Silvia Hernandez defended her PhD thesis entitled “Cure, Defects and Mechanical Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Composites” on March 11th at the Civil Engineering School of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). Her work was awarded the highest grade by the PhD committee. Dr.

Eva Moreno completed her Master thesis with Honors

The research project “Grain size and temperature effect on mechanical behavior of an aluminum alloy”, have been supervised by the leader of the Physical Simulation Group of IMDEA Materials Institute, Dr. Ilchat Sabirov.

DYNACOMP project starts

DYNACOM is an European Industrial Doctorate (EID) programme focused on the design of the next generation of structural composite materials for high strain rate applications. Two of the major milestones of this EID are: (1) to offer 2 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) a multidisciplinary and

Success in call of the RFCS 2015

IMDEA Materials Institute will coordinate the European project OptiQPAP (Optimization of QP steels designed for industrial applications), funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RCFS, which is part of the Horizon 2020 framework programme). The Technological Centre CTM,

X-ray diffractometer available

An X-ray diffractometer is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (Empyrean, PANalytical) allow for phase analysis, texture, and residual stress determination, as well as reflectometry. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art X-ray platform for the analysis of powders, thin films,

Micro-scale calorimeter available

A Micro-scale combustion calorimeter is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. This system, maufactured by Fire Testing Technology performs rapid laboratory scale test of the flammability of materials on milligram quantities (in the order of mg) according to standard ASTM D7309-07. Check the

R&D contract between IMDEA Materials and Ferroatlantica S.L.

Silicio Ferrosolar S.L., part of Ferroatlantica S.L. group, has signed an R&D contract with IMDEA Materials Institute to optimize the production of solar-grade silicon via purification in high vacuum furnace. More details on SICASOL project

IMDEA Materials starts MODENA project

MODENA is an European project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. MODENA aims at developing, demonstrating and assessing an easy-to-use multi-scale software-modeling framework application under an open-source licensing scheme that delivers models with feasible computational

New Airbus Operations contract awarded

IMDEA Materials Institute has been awarded a new R&D contract by Airbus Operations to design composite shields against high energy impact of an open-rotor blade on the new NSA (New Single Aisle) aircraft fuselage concept. See BLADE IMPACT project description

1st IMDEA Materials Institute Scientific Imaging Contest

The 1st IMDEA Materials Institute Scientific Imaging Contest took place on October 1st. Two ex-equo awards were granted to Irene De Diego, who presented a scanning electron micrograph of an advanced high strength steel, and to Hangbo Yue, who participated with an image of a natural flax fiber

CRIRCEM project

CRIRCEM proposes the design and processing by powder metallurgical routes of new materials for cutting tools with total substitution of the traditional cobalt binder by other more economic and less toxic. See the whole description of the CRIRCEM project

Rocío Muñoz receives 2014 Zwick Science Award

Rocío Muñoz, alumni of IMDEA Materials Institute, has received the 3rd prize in the 2014 Zwick Science Award for her paper entitled “Analysis of crystallographic slip and grain boundary sliding in a Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn (at%)–0.8 vol%TiB2 alloy by high

Ferro-GENESYS project starts

Whithin the framework of the coordinated project Ferro-GENESYS, IMDEA Materials Institute will model irradiation damage and nanoscale mechanical charaterisation in ODS FeCrAl and FeAl(Cr/Zr) heat resistant alloys. Ferro-GENESYS prokect is led by Dr. Ignacio martín-Bragado, head of the

HIGHRATE project

This project will study high strain rate mechanical behavior of novel Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). The results of these investigations will greatly contribute to understanding of mechanical behavior of the AHSS and help to reduce the dimensions of the AHSS components used in the automotive

Success in call ITN 2016, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

IMDEA Materials Institute has been awarded a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) to train 2 PhD students together with Hexcel Corporation and Micro Materials Ltd in the field of dynamic behaviour of composite materials for next generation aeroengines. Job vacancies will

VIRMETAL project starts

Prof. Javier LLorca, Director of IMDEA Materials Institute, leads this prestigious ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union. Prof. Llorca and his research group will receive develop multiscale modeling strategies along the next 5 years to carry out virtual design, virtual processing and virtual

IMDEA Materials starts SIMUFOING project

SIMUFOING is an industrial contract between Industria de Turbopropulsores S.A. (ITP) and IMDEA Materials Institute to develop new simulation techniques that can be used to predict damage on plane engines due to the ingestion of hail and birds. See all projects in the Integrated Computational

Dr. Vinodkumar Etacheri

Researcher: Electrochemistry. PhD: Dublin Institute of Technology. Contact:

New incorporation – Dr. Maciej Haranczyk

Position:  Senior Reseacher PhD:  University of Gdansk, Poland Research:  Computational and Data-Driven Materials Discovery Address:  C/ Eric Kandel, 2. Getafe, Madrid

Prof. José Manuel Torralba appointed new Editor of Powder Metallurgy

Prof. José Manuel Torralba, Deputy Director of IMDEA Materials Institute and head of the Solid State Processing group, has been elected member of the Editorial Board of Powder Metallurgy Journal, an international journal publishing peer-reviewed original research on the science and practice

R&D contract between IMDEA Materials and B/E AEROSPACE Inc.

B/E AEROSPACE Inc., worldwide leading manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products, has signed a three-year long R&D contract with IMDEA Materials Institute to to develop innovative materials for aircraft interiors based on advanced polymers and macroscopic fibres. The aim is to

New incorporation – Dr. Hyung-Jun CHANG

Position: Research Associate Grenoble INP, France / Seoul National University, South Korea Research: Multiscale plasticity Contact: hyungjun.chang(AT)

FASENOVA. – New metallic materials by compression and shear

The objective of this research project, funded by the EXPLORA program of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) is to evaluate the possibility of stabilising, under ambient conditions, high pressure metallic phases by the simultaneous application of compression and shear. The good

When will it break?

In recent years, large spills from oil pipelines and tankers, leaks from nuclear reactors and the constant need for lighter, stronger, and safer materials in the transportation industry illustrate how breaks or cracks (fracture) can have detrimental effects in terms of health and safety, the

Congress AMPT2015

Organized by IMDEA Materials Institute and the Carlos III University of Madrid, was held in Leganés, on the campus of the University, between 14 and 18 December, the Congress in Advanced Materials and Processing Technologies AMPT2015. The congress was attended by 450 people from over 50 countries

Online RTM project

Online RTM is a research collaboration between IMDEA Materials and AIRBUS Operations aiming at analyzing sensor information during Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) injection to assess the quality of composite parts. The incorporation of this new technology in the manufacturing process will lead to

New incorporation – Dr. Sandip Haldar

Position: Research Associate PhD.: University of Maryland, USA Research: Experimental characterization and numerical modelling of composites Contact: sandip.haldar(AT)

New incorporation – Sergio de Juan

Position: Research Assistant MSc: Technical University of Madrid, Spain Research: High performance nanocomposites Contact: sergio.dejuan(AT)

IMDEA Materials participates in ITER project

ITER (acronym of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering project, which is currently building the world's largest experimental tokamak nuclear fusion reactor at the Cadarache facility in the south of France. The ITER project

Towards the new liquid metal processing technologies

Two research groups of IMDEA Materials Institute, Metal Physics and Nanomechanics led by Dr. Teresa Pérez-Prado and Dr. Jon Molina respectively, participate in the ambitious large EU funded EXOMET Project, coordinated by the European Space Agency. This four years project aims at developing new

In-situ deformation of magnesium alloys

This device alloys to analyze in real time the deformation, recrystallization and fracture mechanisms operative in these materials in different conditions of temperature and strain rate. Thus, it allows to obtain very valuable information regarding the kinetics of all these mechanisms, a difficult

Eva María Andrés

Research Assistant: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering. Contact:

Prof. Javier Llorca, Guest Professor of Central South University, China

As recognition of his scientific experience, he has been distinguished as Guest Professor of this University regarded as one of the 20 most important in China. He will advise  the university on research and internationalization strategies. Check the complete text in the website of the

HR excellence in research award

IMDEA Materials has received the “HR Excellence in Research” award, which acknowledges our institute as a provider of a stimulating and favourable work environment. The award reflects our commitment to continuously improve human resource policies in line with the European Charter for

New incorporation – Jeromy Snel

Position:  Research Assistant MSc: Delft University of Technology Research: High temperature deformation behaviour of Cu/Nb nanoscale metallic multilayers

IMDEA Materials starts DMAPOL project

DMAPOL is an industrial contract between ACCIONA Infraestructuras and IMDEA Materials Institute to perform Dynamic Mechanical Analyses (DMA) in polymeric materials. See DMAPOL project description

Kickoff of the new project of Nanomechanics Group of IMDEA Materials, HOTNANO

Hotnano will work on overcoming the instrumental limitations to apply nanoindentation, nanocmechanics characterization technique, at high temperatures to a range of structural materials, from advanced composites to nanostructured metals and ceramics. Link to Project: HOTNANO.-High temperature

IMDEA-materials takes a step forward within its plan to internationalize the research in the region of Madrid by the recruitment of two new scientists with a wide international profile

Dr. Teresa Pérez Prado, PhD in Physics, Complutense University of Madrid, 1998. Dr. Pérez Prado joined the University of California in San Diego (UCSD, USA) as a Postgraduate Research Engineer in 1998. She was also hired as a consultant at Oregon State University (USA). In 2001 she

EQUINOX project starts

EQUINOX is an European project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The main objective of EQUINOX is to develop a novel process that allows to substitute Cr/Ni based (stainless) steel parts used in high volume end consumer products such as in the lock industry,

RAMAN micro-spectroscopy system available

A RAMAN micro-spectroscopy system is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. This system (Renishaw PLC) obtains the vibrational spectra of the molecular bonds. It is fully equipped with a Leica DM2700 microscope with 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x objectives, a 532nm Nd:YAG laser (50 mW at 532 nm) and a

Facilities for high-energy milling available

Planetary mills are now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The systems (PULVERISETTE 6 classic & 7 premium, FRITSCH) allows for grinding a wide variety of sample materials down to the nano range (rotational speeds up to 1000 rpm in model PULVERISETTE 7). Check the whole processing

New incorporation – Almudena Casado

Position: Research Assistant BEng: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain Research: Solidification and casting Contact: almudena.casado(AT)

3D-Stacked Hybrid SRAM Cell To Be Built by European Scientists

IMDEA Materials Institute starts COMPOSE3 project, based on the use of new materials to replace today’s silicon, and on taking an innovative design approach where transistors are stacked vertically, known as 3D stacking. IMDEA Materials Institute will use Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo to

1st workshop on graphene and 2D materials proved to be a great success

IMDEA Materials Institute hosted the 1st international workshop on graphene and 2D materials past Tuesday 16th of July. The event gathered together some of the most reputed researchers working in the field (see event programme), who presented the latest findings and advances to an audience of

Ultrasound non-destructive inspection system, C-Scan (TRITON 1500, Tecnitest)

to detect and evaluate defects by non-destructive ultrasounds technique. The system finds and determines the size and position of the typical defects in composite materials (voids, delaminations, cracks, etc). Evaluation of state of resin cure, the fiber volume fraction, the condition of the

Ana María Fernández awarded best PhD Thesis by the UPM

The PhD Thesis entitled "Continuum models of the mechanical behavior of rolled and die-cast magnesium alloys", carried out by Dr. Ana María Fernández at IMDEA Materials Institute under the supervision of Drs. Maria Teresa Pérez-Prado and Antoine Jérusalem, has

New incorporation – Gustavo Esteban

Predoctoral Researcher Degree in Materials Engineering Polytechnic University of Madrid Research: Up scale simulation of plasticity in metals