Prof. Javier Llorca awarded by SOCIEMAT

Prof. Javier Llorca, Scientific Director of IMDEA Materials Institute, has received the award to the best scientific career by SOCIEMAT Javier Llorca receiving the SOCIEMAT award to the best scientific career during the CNMAT 2018 conference

Clean Sky 2 visit

Past tuesday 5th of June, representatives of the Clean Sky 2 visit our Institute as part of the Engine Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD) annual meeting, organized by ITP Aero. Our Instutute is currently participating in 3 Clean Sky 2 projects: REDISH, (CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding.

Summer School & Industry Day: Additive Manufacturing

On July 23rd and 24th IMDEA Materials Institute organizes a Summer School on Additive Manufacturing and an Industry Day where prominent companies (Siemens, ITP, Renishaw, HP, LPW Technologies, Mizar Additive) will discuss the progress of the field as well as the challenges ahead. This event is

MINIMAL project

MINIMAL is a research endeavour which will contribute significantly towards improving analysis/predictive tools for dislocation-interface interactions in metallic nanolaminates, which have attracted application as mechanical parts in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). It is funded by the

Jon Molina awarded best young researcher by UC3M

Dr. Jon Molina has been awarded as one of the best young researchers by Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). The full information of this award can be found in this link (in Spanish only)

Large surface area lends superpowers to ultra-porous materials

Some materials are special not for what they contain, but for what they don’t contain. Such is the case with metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) – ultra-porous structures that are being developed for a variety of future applications from fire-proofing to drug-delivery. Read the whole article in HORIZON

Optoelectronics special issue

A special issue organized by our colleague Rubén Costa on new materials and approaches for optoelectronics is free to read in ChemPlusChem through May! Check it out under this link:

Program “4ºESO+Empresa” at IMDEA Materials

Last week we participated in the program "4ºESO + empresa", through which high school students of the Lourdes School made an approach to an adult work environment and thus better understand the world of work.       

CIMNE – IMDEA Materials Workshop

On April 13, a bilateral technical meeting was held between the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the IMDEA Materials Institute. Twelve researchers from both institutions attended the workshop, which took place at IMDEA Materials’ facilities in Tecnogetafe, with

International Day of Women and Child in Science at IMDEA Materials

Last Tuesday, February 8, IMDEA Materials opened the doors to children of the Community of Madrid to have the opportunity to know the great work done by women scientists and transmit them the enthusiasm they have in science. In the following link you can see a brief explanation of the activities

Is ultra-fast processing the next revolution for steel production?

Researchers of our Institute collaborate with an international consortia to develop an ultra-fast processing process for steels. This approach is energetically more efficient than current methods. You can learn more about this technique in this article (Spanish only)

2nd IMDEA Materials Innovation Awards

On 28th of November took place the 2nd IMDEA Materials Innovation Award.  The Director of the Institute, Prof. Ignacio Romero, gave the award to Miguel Angel Valdes on his winner project entitle ““Ultra-rapid processing of advanced high strength steels”. The 2nd edition started with the last year´s

Francisca Martínez-Hergueta receives the award to the best PhD thesis

Francisca Martínez-Hergueta has received the award to the best doctoral thesis in the academic year 2015-2016 from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). The thesis was entitled "Multiscale analysis of the mechanical behaviour of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics " and was carried out at IMDEA

New efficiency record in TiO2 solar cells

Researchers from IMDEA Materials, University of La Rioja and University of Alicante have set a new record in the energy efficiency of TiO2 solar cells (8.75 %). TiO2 is an affordable compound that makes these solar cells less expensive than traditional silicon solar cells. The research at IMDEA

Madrid Science Week 2017

Are you interested in learning how we contribute to improve 3D printing of metals?, do you want to manufacture composite materials or learn how to improve the fire behabiour of plastics?. You can visit us next November 14th as part of Madrid Science Week!

Modelling superalloy behaviour to improve aircraft engine design

The MICROMECH project, part of the Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE) Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITD) of Clean Sky, has successfully developed a multi-scale computational tool to predict the mechanical behaviour of the Ni-based superalloys used in the hottest parts of aircraft engines.

Rubén Costa awarded as European young innovator by the MIT

Rubén Costa, head of the research group on hybrid optoelectronic materials and devices at IMDEA Materials, has been awarded talented young innovator by the MIT Technology Review. Rubén Costa is leveraging his educational background to guide his work developing a lower-cost, more

Future bulbs will be made of proteins

LED lights are the true heir to Edison’s electric bulb. They are a major breakthrough in lightning, but still require advances related to their manufacture using cheaper sustainable materials. In this interview (in Spanish), Rubén Costa (senior researher at IMDEA Materials) explains his vision of

Air Force Research Laboratory visits IMDEA Materials Institute

A delegation from the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) recently visited IMDEA Materials Institute´s facilities with the objective of exploring possible future lines of collaboration in the field of materials science and engineering.

Quantum Dots, Fluorescent Proteins Vie for Supremacy

Since the mid-50s the full-color display technology began its rise to success. The origins of this technology was the old-fashioned cathode ray tubes, which were displaced from the top about a decade ago by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) using a back-lighting system based on white inorganic

Rubén Costa selected top Spanish talent by the MIT

Rubén Costa, head of the research group on hybrid optoelectronic materials and devices at IMDEA Materials, has been selected as one of the Top Spanish Talents by the MIT Technology Review. He will be competing for a spot among the final list of Innovators Under 35 Europe 2017. Rubén

Carlos González appointed Full Professor at UPM

Prof. Carlos González, head of the research program on the "Next Generation of Composite Materials" at IMDEA Materials Institute, has been appointed Full Professor at the Department of Materials Science of Polytechnic University Madrid (UPM), in which he was an Associate Professor. Our

Winners of the 2016 Imaging Contest

Last Friday, June 30th, the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute gave the awards to the winners of the 2016 edition of the IMDEA Materials Imaging Contest. From left to right: Jose Luis Jimenez, Miguel Ángel Valdés, Daniel del Pozo and Miguel Monclús. The winners of this year in the

Poster Awarded at the conference CALPHAD 2017

Jingya Wang, Research Assistant at IMDEA Materials Institute, received the award to the best poster entitled “Computational Study of Atomic Mobility in HCP Mg-Al-Zn Ternary Alloys and Anisotropic diffusion in hcp Mg-Al alloys” at the International CALPHAD Conference. This Conference was first held


The MICROMECH II project is the follow up of the Clean Sky MICROMECH project and is focused on the development of more elaborated micromechanical models for Inconel 718 alloy (casted and forged). Check the whole description of the project.

Celebrating 10 years of the ERC

Back in 2007, the European Commission established the European Research Council (ERC) with the mission to encourage excellent frontier research in Europe through competitive funding, supporting top researchers across all fields and of any nationality. Since then, the ERC has had a considerable

Prof. Ignacio Romero, appointed new Director

On April 28th, Javier LLorca stepped down as Director of IMDEA Materials Institute, after 10 years in this position. The newly appointed Director is Ignacio Romero, formerly Deputy Director of the Institute, and head of the Computational Solid Mechanics Group. Dr. Romero is Full Professor at the

IMDEA Materials Institute took part in the Airbus Graphene Market Place

The past 4th of May, IMDEA Materials Institute took part in the “Graphene Market Place” event, organised by Airbus in Getafe (Madrid), which counted with the participation of the 2010 Physics Nobel Prize, Konstantin Novoselov. Novoselov gave a talk in which besides explaining the simple exfoliation

Annual report 2016 is out

The outcome of the research activities performed during year 2016 is summarized in this document. The personnel, current research projects, research infrastructures as well as disseminations activities (publications, conferences and seminars, patents, theses, etc.) can be found in this annual report


The CRASHING II project is the follow up of the Clean Sky CRASHING project and is focused on the modelling and simulation of the crashworthiness of and aircraft front fuselage using numerical composite material models developed in the initial project. The cabin model will be simulated in different

Juan José Vilatela joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

Dr. Juan José Vilatela, Senior Researcher at IMDEA Materials, joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports. Scientific Reports is an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature. It publishes scientifically valid primary research from all areas of the natural and clinical sciences.

A yarn like sensor for composites

J. Carlos Fernández-Toribio There is a clear evidence that composites are an increasing field of interest. Thus, the demand for composites end products has reached 22.2$ billion in 2015 . This is due to their low weight and high mechanical resistance. Therefore, lighter structural parts can be

SORCERER project starts

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking 2 This project will develop revolutionary lightweight electrical energy storing composite materials for future electric and hybridelectric aircraft. Building on previous research in novel lightweight supercapacitor composites, structural battery and structural energy

ACERCOM project starts

Source(s): IMDEA Materials, Arcelor Mittal Within the framework of the coordinated project ACERCOM, coordinated by Arcelor Mittal, IMDEA Materials Institute will mainly carry out the modeling, fabrication and characterization of fiber metal laminates for application in marine wind energy. See the

Symposium on New steels for applications under extreme conditions

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A A. García-Junceda, M.J. Santofimia. Symposium on New steels for applications under extreme conditions. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 47, 5271–5271, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s11661-016-3766-2

EXTRECP project

The goal of the EXTECP project, funded by the China Scholarship Council, is the development of coupled thermomechanical crystal plasticity models to simulate problems under extreme conditions: very large strain rates and high temperatures. See the whole description of the EXTRECP project.

Dr. Juan José Vilatela receives the prestigious ERC Starting Grant

Dr. Juan José Vilatela, Head of the Multifunctional Nanocomposites research group at IMDEA Materials Institute, has obtained the prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council. Dr. Vilatela will receive € 1.5 million along the next 5 years to

New incorporation – Professor Rigoberto Burgueño

Position: Visiting Researcher Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences (Structural Engineering)  University of California, San Diego, USA. Professor of Structural Engineering, Michigan State University Research Interests Multiscale assessment and design of tailored materials, devices and structures.

New incorporation – David Maldonado

Position: Laboratory Technician BSc.: Telecommunications Engineering, Valencia University, Spain Contact: david.maldonado(AT)

New incorporation – Prof. Jiang Wang

Position: Visiting Scientist PhD: Central South University, India Research: Computational Alloy Design Contact:

Screening of phase transformation kinetics of Ti alloys

Drs. Yuwen. Cui and Javier Segurado will carry out a research project in collaboration with the China Scholarship Council (China) to develop a high throughput diffusion multiple technique for screening of phase transformation kinetics in Ti alloys, which will be used

Yunfu Ou

Predoctoral Researcher: Multi-functional Graphene Thermoplastic Composite Materials. Contact:

STEM project starts

Dr. Juan José Vilatela, leader of the research program on "Nanomaterials for Multifunctional Applications" at IMDEA Materials, leads this prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Union. Dr. Vilatela and his research group will develop new multifunctional structural composite materials that

New incorporation – Dr. Laura Cabana

Position: Researcher Associate PhD: Universidad de Barcelona Research: "Hybrids based on carbon nanotube fibres" Contact:

R&D collaboration agreement with STMicroelectronics and CEA

IMDEA Materials Institute, STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) have recently signed a partnership agreement to perform a join research project in the field of microelectronics. This three

Visa difficulties when attracting talent

An article on the difficulties some of our foreign researchers face when coming to Spain has been published in “El Mundo”newspaper (nationwide publication).

Cover of the "Chem. Sus. Chem" Journal

  J. J. Vilatela, D. Eder. Nanocarbon Composites and Hybrids in Sustainability: A Review. ChemSusChem, 5, 456-478, 2012. DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201100536

Dr. Eduardo Troche

Proyect Manager. PhD: University of Vigo, Spain. Contact:

Design allowables for Ni-based superalloys

As part of the European project MICROMECH, carried out in collaboration with Industria de Turbopropulsores (ITP), the following results have been obtained Development of a new methodology for experimental characterization at the micro scale. This methodology is based on micropillar compression as

New incorporation – Dr. Diego Garijo

Position: Research Associate PhD.: Aerospace Engineering. Technical University of Madrid,  Research: Blade Impact/Small Fragment Impact/Ice

Linear density, crimp and tensile tester for single fibres available

A linear density, crimp and tensile tester for single fibres is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. This system (FAVIMAT+, Textechno) can be used to characterize mechanical properties of single fibres. It can measure the mechanical resistance, lineal density and crimp. In addition, it is

New incorporation – Dr. Yun Liu

Position: Visiting Scientist PhD: Sichuan University, China Research: Bio-based Fire Retardant Materials Contact:

IMDEA Materials starts NEW EPOXY project

NEW EPOXY project will develop novel Graphene Oxide/Layered Double Hydroxide (GO/LDH) hybrids as multifunctional reactive fire retardants for epoxy resins. NEW EPOXY is a Marie Curie Action (International Incoming Fellowship, IIF) funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. See NEW

New incorporation – Alfonso Monreal

Position: Research Assistant Research: Production and properties of thermoset nanocomposites Contact: alfonso.monreal(AT)

Hexagonal Lithium under ambient conditions

The Metal Physics group, led by Dr. Teresa Pérez-Prado, has succeeded in stabilizing a Li phase with a hexagonal closed packed (hcp) structure at room temperature and 1 atm by the application of pressure to Mg-Li alloys. At atmospheric pressure, pure Li and Li-Mg alloys undergo a bcc to hcp

Patent awarded to the IMDEA Materials Institute

The granted patent, with publication number ES2342962, protects an invention which consists in a new process for the controlled fabrication of the stable beta phase under ambient conditions in the pure metals of group IV of the periodic table (Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium). The process, which takes

Inauguration of the provisional site of IMDEA – Materials

IMDEA - Materials is beginning its activities following the successful meetings of the Scientific Committee and of the Board of Trustees. The inauguration of the provisional site of IMDEA-materials, which will be held on October 30th. Dr. Gary Savage, director of operations of Honda Formula 1

Carbon nanotube “stitches” strengthen composites

The newest Airbus and Boeing passenger jets flying today are made primarily from advanced composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (extremely light, durable materials that reduce the overall weight of the plane by as much as 20 percent compared to aluminum-bodied planes). Such

Prof. Javier LLorca receives the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Javier LLorca, Director of IMDEA Materials Institute, has obtained the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union. Prof. LLorca will receive € 2.5 million along the next 5 years to develop multiscale modeling strategies to carry out virtual design, virtual processing

PhD defense – Saeid Lotfian

Mr. Saeid Lotfian will defend his PhD thesis entitled "High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Al/SiC Nanoscale Multilayers" next Monday 30th of June at 12:00 h in Carlos III of Madrid (video room 3.1.S08, Leganés campus (Madrid)). His work has been supervised by Dr. Jon Mikel

New incorporation – Dr. Bin Tang

Position: Research Associate PhD: Northwestern Polytechnical University, China Research: Phase field simulation of high-temperature alloys Contact: bin.tang(AT)

New incorporation – Prof. Mauricio Terrones

Position: Visiting Scientist (01/07/2013-31/07/2013) Penn State University, USA / Shinshu University, Japan  Research: Synthesis and Properties of Novel Nanocarbons Link to the researcher profile

The Master thesis of Julian García obtains the maximum grade with Honors

 The research project “Neurite: a finite difference continuum model of the electrophysiological-mechanical coupling in neurons under mechanical loading” has been co-supervised by Dr. Antoine Jerusalem and Dr. Jose María Peña of IMDEA Materials Institute and Polytechnic

Watching metals live

Researchers at IMDEA materials Institute are investigating the in-situ deformation of metallic materials using a tensile testing micromachine coupled to a scanning electron microscope (Fig. 1a). This device allows to analyze in real time, the deformation, recrystallization and fracture mechanisms

Experiments at the Berlin Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Scientists from Imdea Materials (Metal Physics Group) will carry out experiments at BESSY II (Berlin Synchrotron Radiation Facility) at the Berlin Helmholtz-Center for Materials and Energy. There, synchrotron radiation will be used to measure the internal stresses in omega and beta pure Zr,

Rudi Maça

Predoctoral Researcher: Electrochemical energy storage. Contact: