Poster Awarded at the conference CALPHAD 2017

Jingya Wang, Research Assistant at IMDEA Materials Institute, received the award to the best poster entitled “Computational Study of Atomic Mobility in HCP Mg-Al-Zn Ternary Alloys and Anisotropic diffusion in hcp Mg-Al alloys” at the International CALPHAD Conference. This Conference was first held


The MICROMECH II project is the follow up of the Clean Sky MICROMECH project and is focused on the development of more elaborated micromechanical models for Inconel 718 alloy (casted and forged). Check the whole description of the project.

Celebrating 10 years of the ERC

Back in 2007, the European Commission established the European Research Council (ERC) with the mission to encourage excellent frontier research in Europe through competitive funding, supporting top researchers across all fields and of any nationality. Since then, the ERC has had a considerable

Prof. Ignacio Romero, appointed new Director

On April 28th, Javier LLorca stepped down as Director of IMDEA Materials Institute, after 10 years in this position. The newly appointed Director is Ignacio Romero, formerly Deputy Director of the Institute, and head of the Computational Solid Mechanics Group. Dr. Romero is Full Professor at the

IMDEA Materials Institute took part in the Airbus Graphene Market Place

The past 4th of May, IMDEA Materials Institute took part in the “Graphene Market Place” event, organised by Airbus in Getafe (Madrid), which counted with the participation of the 2010 Physics Nobel Prize, Konstantin Novoselov. Novoselov gave a talk in which besides explaining the simple exfoliation

Annual report 2016 is out

The outcome of the research activities performed during year 2016 is summarized in this document. The personnel, current research projects, research infrastructures as well as disseminations activities (publications, conferences and seminars, patents, theses, etc.) can be found in this annual report


The CRASHING II project is the follow up of the Clean Sky CRASHING project and is focused on the modelling and simulation of the crashworthiness of and aircraft front fuselage using numerical composite material models developed in the initial project. The cabin model will be simulated in different

Juan José Vilatela joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

Dr. Juan José Vilatela, Senior Researcher at IMDEA Materials, joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports. Scientific Reports is an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature. It publishes scientifically valid primary research from all areas of the natural and clinical sciences.

A yarn like sensor for composites

J. Carlos Fernández-Toribio There is a clear evidence that composites are an increasing field of interest. Thus, the demand for composites end products has reached 22.2$ billion in 2015 . This is due to their low weight and high mechanical resistance. Therefore, lighter structural parts can be

SORCERER project starts

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking 2 This project will develop revolutionary lightweight electrical energy storing composite materials for future electric and hybridelectric aircraft. Building on previous research in novel lightweight supercapacitor composites, structural battery and structural energy

ACERCOM project starts

Source(s): IMDEA Materials, Arcelor Mittal Within the framework of the coordinated project ACERCOM, coordinated by Arcelor Mittal, IMDEA Materials Institute will mainly carry out the modeling, fabrication and characterization of fiber metal laminates for application in marine wind energy. See the

Symposium on New steels for applications under extreme conditions

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A A. García-Junceda, M.J. Santofimia. Symposium on New steels for applications under extreme conditions. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 47, 5271–5271, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s11661-016-3766-2

Eva María Andrés

Research Assistant: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering. Contact:

Prof. Javier Llorca, Guest Professor of Central South University, China

As recognition of his scientific experience, he has been distinguished as Guest Professor of this University regarded as one of the 20 most important in China. He will advise  the university on research and internationalization strategies. Check the complete text in the website of the

HR excellence in research award

IMDEA Materials has received the “HR Excellence in Research” award, which acknowledges our institute as a provider of a stimulating and favourable work environment. The award reflects our commitment to continuously improve human resource policies in line with the European Charter for

New incorporation – Jeromy Snel

Position:  Research Assistant MSc: Delft University of Technology Research: High temperature deformation behaviour of Cu/Nb nanoscale metallic multilayers

IMDEA Materials starts DMAPOL project

DMAPOL is an industrial contract between ACCIONA Infraestructuras and IMDEA Materials Institute to perform Dynamic Mechanical Analyses (DMA) in polymeric materials. See DMAPOL project description

Kickoff of the new project of Nanomechanics Group of IMDEA Materials, HOTNANO

Hotnano will work on overcoming the instrumental limitations to apply nanoindentation, nanocmechanics characterization technique, at high temperatures to a range of structural materials, from advanced composites to nanostructured metals and ceramics. Link to Project: HOTNANO.-High temperature

IMDEA-materials takes a step forward within its plan to internationalize the research in the region of Madrid by the recruitment of two new scientists with a wide international profile

Dr. Teresa Pérez Prado, PhD in Physics, Complutense University of Madrid, 1998. Dr. Pérez Prado joined the University of California in San Diego (UCSD, USA) as a Postgraduate Research Engineer in 1998. She was also hired as a consultant at Oregon State University (USA). In 2001 she

European Researchers’ Night Madrid 2016

The European Researchers’ Night Madrid 2016 will take place next Friday 30th of September 2016. The events showcase what researchers really do for society, in interactive and engaging ways, and promote research careers to young people and their parents. IMDEA Materials participates in the

EQUINOX project starts

EQUINOX is an European project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The main objective of EQUINOX is to develop a novel process that allows to substitute Cr/Ni based (stainless) steel parts used in high volume end consumer products such as in the lock industry,

RAMAN micro-spectroscopy system available

A RAMAN micro-spectroscopy system is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. This system (Renishaw PLC) obtains the vibrational spectra of the molecular bonds. It is fully equipped with a Leica DM2700 microscope with 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x objectives, a 532nm Nd:YAG laser (50 mW at 532 nm) and a

Facilities for high-energy milling available

Planetary mills are now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The systems (PULVERISETTE 6 classic & 7 premium, FRITSCH) allows for grinding a wide variety of sample materials down to the nano range (rotational speeds up to 1000 rpm in model PULVERISETTE 7). Check the whole processing

New incorporation – Almudena Casado

Position: Research Assistant BEng: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain Research: Solidification and casting Contact: almudena.casado(AT)

3D-Stacked Hybrid SRAM Cell To Be Built by European Scientists

IMDEA Materials Institute starts COMPOSE3 project, based on the use of new materials to replace today’s silicon, and on taking an innovative design approach where transistors are stacked vertically, known as 3D stacking. IMDEA Materials Institute will use Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo to

1st workshop on graphene and 2D materials proved to be a great success

IMDEA Materials Institute hosted the 1st international workshop on graphene and 2D materials past Tuesday 16th of July. The event gathered together some of the most reputed researchers working in the field (see event programme), who presented the latest findings and advances to an audience of

Ultrasound non-destructive inspection system, C-Scan (TRITON 1500, Tecnitest)

to detect and evaluate defects by non-destructive ultrasounds technique. The system finds and determines the size and position of the typical defects in composite materials (voids, delaminations, cracks, etc). Evaluation of state of resin cure, the fiber volume fraction, the condition of the

Ana María Fernández awarded best PhD Thesis by the UPM

The PhD Thesis entitled "Continuum models of the mechanical behavior of rolled and die-cast magnesium alloys", carried out by Dr. Ana María Fernández at IMDEA Materials Institute under the supervision of Drs. Maria Teresa Pérez-Prado and Antoine Jérusalem, has

New incorporation – Gustavo Esteban

Predoctoral Researcher Degree in Materials Engineering Polytechnic University of Madrid Research: Up scale simulation of plasticity in metals

Two new China Scholarship Council fellows

Two Ph.D students (Qian Liu and Chuanyun Wang) joined IMDEA Materials Institute along September 2014. Their research projects, CUCCOMP and SreenDM respectively, are funded by the China Scholarship Council.

New incorporation – Dr. Manuela Cano

Position: Research Associate PhD: University of Zaragoza, Spain Research: Nano-architectures and materials design Contact: manuela.cano(AT)

Nanostructured Al alloys with improved properties

Dr. Ilchat Sabirov will carry out a research project in collaboration with Ufa State Aviation Technical University (Ufa, Russia) on Nanostructured Al alloys with improved properties. See NANOAL project description

New generation of NiAl-based eutectic composites

Dr. Srdjan Milenkovic, head researcher of the Solidification Processing & Engineering group of IMDEA Materials Institute, has been awarded with the prestigious Marie Curie Action (CIG) to carry out a four year research project on design and processing of NiAl-based in situ composites. See

Simulation of composites performance for windmill applications

The collaboration between Gamesa and IMDEA Materials Institute within the framework of the AZIMUT project (CENIT programme) has already started. The objective of this collaboration is the development of advanced simulation tools to predict the mechanical behavior of composite materials for wind

Marcos Jimenez receives the 2016 Thesis talk award

Marcos Jimenez, PhD student at IMDEA Materials, has won the Thesis Talk Prize organized by the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). Thesis talk consists on presenting the subject of a PhD thesis to a general audience in 3 minutes. This event is part of the transversal credits organized by

Fire retardant epoxy infusion resin composites

FIREINF is a research collaboration between IMDEA Materials Institute and FIDAMC with the goal of developing an effective novel halogen-free fire retardant epoxy system to be used in out-of-autoclave processes to manufacture composite components/structures. This fire retardant epoxy resin

New incorporation – Deng Xiangxing

Predoctoral Researcher Degree in Material Forming and Control Engineering Hunan Institute of Engineering, China Research: "Design and Processing Cobalt-Base Superalloys"

Annual Report 2014

Report on IMDEA Materials Institute's activities throughout year 2014 is available for download. Download IMDEA Materials Institute annual report 2014

New incorporation – Peyman Mouri

Position: Research Assistant MSc: TUDelft, The Netherlands Research: Characterization, design and optimization of  dispersed-ply laminates Contact: peyman.mouri(AT)

New incorporation – Marcos Jiménez

Position: Research Assistant MEng: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain Research: Micromechanics of Ni superalloys Contact: marcos.jimenez(AT)

New Incorporation – Hossein Ehteshami

Position: Research Assistant Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran Research: Multiscale Modelling of Nanostructured Titanium Contact:

Bachelor theses with Honors

The theses presented were: Interfacial adhesion testing in polymer matrix composites (Genoveva Kelly supervised by Dr. J. Molina); Implementation and calibration of a rate-dependent crystal plasticity constitutive model for Magnesium alloy AZ31B (Julián García supervised by Dr. A.

HYDTCOMP project

This project concerns the development of technologies for local hybridization in cases where it is necessary (e.g. hybridization during tow spreading). New techniques will be used as the tow spreading, hybrid unidirectional tapes or laminates combining layers of different thickness (thin and

New incorporation -Jaime Castro

Predoctoral Researcher  Aeronautical Engineer Polytechnic University of Madrid Research "Vacuum assisted infiltration, microfluid flow, X-ray tomography, polymer-matrix composites"

Spanish Technological Platform for advanced Materials and Nanomaterials

IMDEA Materials Institute has received a grant (PTR-2014-0406) for the Spanish Ministry of Competitiveness and Innovation (MINECO) to manage the Spanish Technological Platform for advanced Materials and Nanomaterials (MATERPLAT) in the period 2014-2015. More details and information about this

Success in National fellowships calls

IMDEA Materials Institute has achieved great success in the last calls of the National fellowships programmes. Two researchers will join the “Ramón y Cajal” programme (2013 call) and one will join the postdoctoral fellowship programme (2013 call).

Dual beam (FIB/SEM) facilities available

IMDEA Materials Institute logo (size is 50 µm x 40 µm) fabricated using a FIB-FEGSEM dual beam microscope A FIB-FEGSEM Dual-beam microscope is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (Helios NanoLab 600i, FEI) is fully equipped with STEM

Multiscale modeling of plasticity: application to forming processes

 Engineering alloys are heterogeneous materials formed by aggregation of grains with different orientation of one or more metallic phases. Plastic deformation occurs by dislocation and/or twinning in each microscopic grain and depends on the grain orientation, size and shape, the stresses

NANOFIRE project

NANOFIRE project deals with the development of new generation nanomaterials via host-guest interaction as multifunctional fire retardants to polymers.  The aim is to not only improve the flame retardancy and mechanical properties of conventional polymers, also impart the function to the

OptiQPAP project starts, coordinated by IMDEA Materials

OptiQPAP is an European project funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel. The OptiQPAP project focuses on the intelligent microstructural design in the high strength Q&P steels for simultaneous improvement of various performance and mechanical properties, which are required for their

New incorporation – Cecila Andradas

Predoctoral Researcher Degree in Chemistry Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Research: "In silico synthesis of new materials"

VIRTEST project

VIRTEST is an industrial contract with Fokker Aerostructures to develop a novel multiscale simulation strategy to predict the mechanical behaviour of aeronautical composite laminates structures under static and low-velocity impact loads. VIRTEST will lead to a significant reduction in the number of

New incorporation – Chuanyun Wang

Position: Research Assistant MSc.: Northwestern Polytechnical University, China Research: High throughput diffusion and phase transformation

New incorporation – Marta Cartón

Position: Research Asistant Research: Development and optimization of Co-base superalloys for high temperature applications Contact: marta.carton(AT)

New generation of eco-benign fire retardants

Dr. De-Yi Wang, head of the High Performance Nanocomposites group of IMDEA Materials Institute, has been awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Action: "Career Integration Grant" (CIG) to carry out a four-year research project on design and processing of eco-benign multifunctional fire

Optimization of high-performance polymeric fibres

Poly p-(phenylene benzobisoxazole) or PBO fibres are highly anisotropic polymeric fibres used in high-performance structural applications owing to their outstanding properties, such as high strength and stiffness as well as low density. The anisotropic fibre structure, which is responsible for the

Morphing materials for aeronautic applications

IMDEA Materials collaborates with AERNNOVA in the development of novel morphing materials for aeronautic applications. Link to Project: Morphing materials for aeronautic applications

Andrea Fernández

Research Assistant: Recycling Composite Materials. Contact:

Modular concept for ultralight removable advanced car seat

This collaborative R&D project, led by Grupo Antolín with the participation of other companies from the automotive sector, aims at developing a new modular concept of advanced seat, removable, with ultralight structure obtained by more efficient and flexible transformation process, and

CRISTAL project starts

The main objective of CRISTAL project, funded by the CAPES Foundation, is to improve corrosion resistance of commercial Zamac 8 alloy (Zn-4Al-2,6Cu-0,5Mg) by microstructure control which will be achieved by varying the Cu content, the solidification rate, heat treatments and the combination of

New Incorporation – Momchil Jeliazkov

Position: Research Assistant MSc: TUDelft, The Netherlands Research: Buckling and failure optimization of stiffened tow-steered composite panels Contact: momchil.jeliazkov(AT)

New incorporation – Wenzhou Chen

Position: Research Assistant Research: DFT/MD calculation of phase change materials Contact: wenzhou.chen(AT)

New Incorporation – Alicia Moya

Position: Investigador Predoctoral Complutense University of Madrid, Spain Research: Nanohybrids for Photocatalysis Contact:

Watching Metals Alive

Researchers at IMDEA Materials Institute are investigating the in-situ deformation of metallic materials using a tensile testing micromachine coupled to a scanning electron microscope (Fig. 1a). This device allows to analyze in real time, the deformation, recrystallization and fracture mechanisms

The bachelor thesis of Carlos Cabeza has got the FOINDESA 2010 prize

Carlos Cabeza Barrantes, has been awarded with the FOINDESA 2010 prize for the best EUITA (UPM) bachelor thesis in the Equipments and Aerospace Materials specialty. The project “Nanoindentation for in-situ characterization of composites”, was carried out at IMDEA Materials facilities

EMULATE project

EMULATE project proposes a multidisciplinary approach to enhance the comprehension of metal machining. For that, the following three topics will be analyzed in order to improve this technology: 1) the development of accurate material models that incorporate the mechanisms of plasticity at the

New incorporation – Prof. Arnaud Weck

Position: Visiting Researcher Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering  McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Short Bio Prof. Weck obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from INSA-Lyon in France, his Ph.D. in Materials Science and