Dual beam (FIB/SEM) facilities available

IMDEA Materials Institute logo (size is 50 µm x 40 µm) fabricated using a FIB-FEGSEM dual beam microscope A FIB-FEGSEM Dual-beam microscope is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (Helios NanoLab 600i, FEI) is fully equipped with STEM

Multiscale modeling of plasticity: application to forming processes

 Engineering alloys are heterogeneous materials formed by aggregation of grains with different orientation of one or more metallic phases. Plastic deformation occurs by dislocation and/or twinning in each microscopic grain and depends on the grain orientation, size and shape, the stresses

NANOFIRE project

NANOFIRE project deals with the development of new generation nanomaterials via host-guest interaction as multifunctional fire retardants to polymers.  The aim is to not only improve the flame retardancy and mechanical properties of conventional polymers, also impart the function to the

OptiQPAP project starts, coordinated by IMDEA Materials

OptiQPAP is an European project funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel. The OptiQPAP project focuses on the intelligent microstructural design in the high strength Q&P steels for simultaneous improvement of various performance and mechanical properties, which are required for their

New incorporation – Cecila Andradas

Predoctoral Researcher Degree in Chemistry Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Research: "In silico synthesis of new materials"

VIRTEST project

VIRTEST is an industrial contract with Fokker Aerostructures to develop a novel multiscale simulation strategy to predict the mechanical behaviour of aeronautical composite laminates structures under static and low-velocity impact loads. VIRTEST will lead to a significant reduction in the number of

New incorporation – Chuanyun Wang

Position: Research Assistant MSc.: Northwestern Polytechnical University, China Research: High throughput diffusion and phase transformation

New incorporation – Marta Cartón

Position: Research Asistant Research: Development and optimization of Co-base superalloys for high temperature applications Contact: marta.carton(AT)

New generation of eco-benign fire retardants

Dr. De-Yi Wang, head of the High Performance Nanocomposites group of IMDEA Materials Institute, has been awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Action: "Career Integration Grant" (CIG) to carry out a four-year research project on design and processing of eco-benign multifunctional fire

Optimization of high-performance polymeric fibres

Poly p-(phenylene benzobisoxazole) or PBO fibres are highly anisotropic polymeric fibres used in high-performance structural applications owing to their outstanding properties, such as high strength and stiffness as well as low density. The anisotropic fibre structure, which is responsible for the

Morphing materials for aeronautic applications

IMDEA Materials collaborates with AERNNOVA in the development of novel morphing materials for aeronautic applications. Link to Project: Morphing materials for aeronautic applications

Andrea Fernández

Research Assistant: Recycling Composite Materials. Contact:

Modular concept for ultralight removable advanced car seat

This collaborative R&D project, led by Grupo Antolín with the participation of other companies from the automotive sector, aims at developing a new modular concept of advanced seat, removable, with ultralight structure obtained by more efficient and flexible transformation process, and

CRISTAL project starts

The main objective of CRISTAL project, funded by the CAPES Foundation, is to improve corrosion resistance of commercial Zamac 8 alloy (Zn-4Al-2,6Cu-0,5Mg) by microstructure control which will be achieved by varying the Cu content, the solidification rate, heat treatments and the combination of

New Incorporation – Momchil Jeliazkov

Position: Research Assistant MSc: TUDelft, The Netherlands Research: Buckling and failure optimization of stiffened tow-steered composite panels Contact: momchil.jeliazkov(AT)

New incorporation – Wenzhou Chen

Position: Research Assistant Research: DFT/MD calculation of phase change materials Contact: wenzhou.chen(AT)

New Incorporation – Alicia Moya

Position: Investigador Predoctoral Complutense University of Madrid, Spain Research: Nanohybrids for Photocatalysis Contact:

Watching Metals Alive

Researchers at IMDEA Materials Institute are investigating the in-situ deformation of metallic materials using a tensile testing micromachine coupled to a scanning electron microscope (Fig. 1a). This device allows to analyze in real time, the deformation, recrystallization and fracture mechanisms

The bachelor thesis of Carlos Cabeza has got the FOINDESA 2010 prize

Carlos Cabeza Barrantes, has been awarded with the FOINDESA 2010 prize for the best EUITA (UPM) bachelor thesis in the Equipments and Aerospace Materials specialty. The project “Nanoindentation for in-situ characterization of composites”, was carried out at IMDEA Materials facilities

EMULATE project

EMULATE project proposes a multidisciplinary approach to enhance the comprehension of metal machining. For that, the following three topics will be analyzed in order to improve this technology: 1) the development of accurate material models that incorporate the mechanisms of plasticity at the

New incorporation – Prof. Arnaud Weck

Position: Visiting Researcher Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering  McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Short Bio Prof. Weck obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from INSA-Lyon in France, his Ph.D. in Materials Science and

Saeid Lotfian & Rocío Muñoz awarded best PhD Thesis by UC3M

The PhD Thesis entitled "High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Al/SiC Nanoscale Multilayers" and “In-situ analysis of the high temperature deformation and fracture mechanisms of a ɣ-TiAl alloy", carried out by Drs. Saeid Lotfian and Rocío Muñoz at IMDEA Materials

IMDEA Materials starts PilotManu project

PilotManu is an European project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. PilotManu will upscale of the current mechanical alloying technological facility into a powder manufacturing pilot line by further developing existing IPR-covered results owned by the consortium related to

Airbus Operations SAS signed a two years contract with IMDEA Materials

 IMDEA Materials Institute and Airbus Operations SAS based in Toulouse will collaborate in a research project to develop Virtual Testing tools based on Multiscale Modelling techniques. This new R&D contract strengthens IMDEA Materials´ internationalisation strategy. See SIMSCREEN