First Year Assessment of José Antonio Santiago entittle “Enhanced Diamond-Like Carbon coatings and tribomechanical properties via innovative sputtering processes”

Abstract:  Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coatings have been recognized as one of the most valuable engineering materials for various industrial applications including manufacturing, transportation, biomedical and microelectronics. Among its many properties, DLC stands out for good frictional behaviour combined with high

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Seminar of Prof. José Luis Tirado (University of Cordoba): “Recent advances and challenges in Li- and post-Li- ion batteries”, January 23th at 1:00 pm

Abstract: Univalent Na- and multivalent (Ca, Mg, Al)- ion batteries have recently emerged as potential candidates to replace Li-ion batteries in some applications. Their elemental natural abundance, homogeneous geographic distribution and high volumetric capacities in some cases, could be useful for this purpose.

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